Improve Database Security

April 4, 2014

You don’t have to go far to find out how important database security is. For instance, Target is still reeling from their systems being hacked, exposing the credit card information of many of their customers. It’s the kind of harm that requires a lot of time, money, and resources for damage control, as well as […]

Why User Need a CDN for Website?

April 2, 2014

What is a CDN? CDN is short for Content Delivery Network which is a network of servers that deliver cached static content from websites to users based on the geographic location of the user. Pretty confusing eh? Let’s break it down in simpler words. Normally when a user comes to your WordPress blog, they are […]

Increase Database security in WordPress

March 21, 2014

1.REGULARLY  BACKUP WORDPRESS DATABASE Sometimes accident can happen when we least expert it. If you can have made a careless mistake and your post is gone how can you restore your data in your database? Your database contains all your post,comments and link that you have on your blog so if the database is erased or […]

Curl: Location redirect while open_basedir is set

January 21, 2014

f you need to follow redirects within your php code using Curl and the open_basedir is set you came into some trouble. If you disable this directive all your directories with a 777 permission are not safe (if one or more website on the same server has some security issues). If you don’t have additional […]

Fix WordPress user roles

January 14, 2014

All  WordPress user roles are gone, how to fix it!? The steps I would take are these: Open your database Backup your wp_options table (prefixes will change the beginning of the table name of course) Find the row from the first section of this article “wp_user_roles” in the wp_options table Copy the default user roles […]

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