March 20, 2016

Project URL : -WCL WordPress Plugin Integration in -Worked on performance -Site development


Project URL: WCL WordPress Plugin Integration in FAME : A Spot to watch live entertainment Streaming live footage from concerts, fashion shows, comedy shows, expos, dance parties, celebrity events, etc.

Fighters Source

Project URL : Fighters Source TV (FSTV ) is your on demand non-stop, all day, all night Fighters Events, commentary,Documentaries, training camps & sessions, and more. With Fighters Source TV you will be able to access our Fighters Source library as we grow. Videos, and events from around the world will be on demand. Depending […]


Project URL : Technology: HTML, Jquery, Bootstrap, PHP Framework : Zend Project Description: Orchestrate is web application which manage patient case, order, report, User management and admin also manage CMS pages. Url : Role: Development