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Prashant Walke, with over 10 years of experience as a web developer, currently holds the position of Technical Lead at Parkar Digital. He brings a wealth of expertise in sophisticated website development, showcasing proficiency in PHP, Python, NodeJS, Angular, VueJs, MySQL, PostgreSQL, WordPress, and Laravel.


Managing WordPress team for CFAI blog sites. Development, Code review, Deployment, Automation. URL : https://blogs.cfainstitute.org

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Allow File Type – WordPress Plugin

Extend the list of allowed file types supported by the WordPress Media Library including custom file types. Unlock the full potential of your WordPress website by enabling seamless user uploads for a wide range of file types. Introducing the File Upload Types plugin, your ultimate solution to effortlessly expand support for virtually any file format, [...]

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PHP vs Python

Both PHP 7 and Python 3 are excellent choices for building a web application. Now a days Python get more popular. To select proper language for carrier, project is very important. In this post with some basics about the two languages which help you select proper language. Python : New era is the AI, Machine [...]

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Project Duration : Jul 2021 – Aug 2021 Project description : Work on multiple GoDaddy registry web application.Worked on go.co, blog.go, about.us etc GoDaddy TLD management and tracking.migration, landing page development, custom WordPress plugin development, API changes, bug fixes, feature development etc.Technology : PHP, WordPress, Laravel, Zend, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML, CSS Technology: WordPress, Laravel, [...]

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PHP 7 for WordPress

 PHP 7 - This new version comes with new improvements and a new verison of Zend engine. PHP 7.0.0 Released: 03 Dec 2015Following some feature added in PHP 7 :  Speed improvement Reduced memory usage. Consistent 64-bit supportImproved Exception hierarchy Asynchronous programming Secure random number generator Multithreading Better performance on WordPress Websites Return and scalar type declaration. Many fatal errors converted to exceptions. [...]

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Content and Image Portal

Technology Laravel, Vue.js. PHP, node.js, Jquery,HTML, CSS, Javascript, Postgress, AWS, Ali Cloud (OSS), Linux, nginx, Apache, FTP, pm2, CDN Project Description Content - Manage Content Flow for product, Data Migration to Different country, Data synk, Integration With Other ProductProduct Catalog - Product Migration , Manage Product Template level, Migration,Images - Upload Vendor Portal, Download Images [...]

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Complete payment solution for credit card, electronic check (ACH), cash/money order and check scanning. Couple ResidentPay with Entrata's property management software or any other property management software and also instant and automatic posting to the ledger.  Technology : PHP, HTML, CSS, ReactJs, Postgress etc.Specialties : Property Management Software, Resident Portals, and Online Rent Payment

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Pay rent, submit a work order, community. And with seamless integration to property management software, tracking and managing resident transactions. Technology : PHP, HTML, CSS, ReactJs, Postgress etc.Specialties : Property Management Software, Resident Portals, and Online Rent Payment 

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PHP MySql Interview questions and answers

OOPS class can declared final to indicate that it cannot be extended; that is, one cannot declare subclasses of a final class. A final class cannot be extended. Final method can not be override by the child class. Class variables cannot be declare as final. Syntax: final class Building{ } final public function set_color(){} We [...]

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Enable debugging mode in WordPress

With debugging turned on, it is much easier to locate any errors within your WordPress site as well as any plugins and themes that may be causing errors. First, be sure that you are logged into cPanel. lo go to your local WordPress folder Now that you are logged into cPanel, look for the icon [...]

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