WorldCastLive (WCL)

Worldcast Live, the future of media streaming is the logical platform of choice. -Create WCL WordPress plugin for API integration with WCL widget. -Upload vimeo video module -Download video module -Payment gateway integration

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Technology: PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress, MySQL Project Description: Collage Maker is an easy to use WordPress Plugin for Bloggers or Users. It automatically generates cool looking image collages Role: Design and Development.

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Franchise Record Pool

Project URL : Technology: PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL Description: Franchise Record Pool is the best source of new music for DJs and the most effective tool for labels and artist to promote their music, Franchise Record Pool is music service company that provides new and pre-released music online, DJs enjoy the benefits of getting [...]

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I Like My Waitress

Technology: REST API, HTML, Jquery, Bootstrap, PHP Project Description: I Like My Waitress is a social networking mobile app for waiters, waitresses and restaurant managers. Role: Design and Development.

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